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Published on Nov 11, 2017
United States of American President Donald Trump has signed an order that will see all Americans worship on Sunday failure to which you have to be arrested
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The Pope, Sunday Laws & Climate Change


The Pope, Sunday Laws & Climate Change (May 14, 2020)
We are closer to Sunday Laws than even the SDA people realize. I wonder if SDA president Ted Wislon will finally admit there ARE Sunday Laws in the pipeline?
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The Sunday Law Is Coming! 


The Sunday Law Is Coming! Is It Constitutional? Is It Scriptural? MANY CHURCH LEADERS and politicians are unified on the hotly debated issue of legislating Sunday as a day of rest. Today, great efforts are being made to gain influence in the executive and legislative circles of the United States federal government in order to enact laws for the observance of Sunday as a national day of rest. The...

The National Sunday Law


The National Sunday Law This is a warning against the coming national Sunday law which will affect your paycheck and put innocent people in jail. The issue already went to Congress as the “Blair Amendment,” and almost got passed. It’s coming back. What you are about to learn will shock you. The nation trembles. Passenger jets explode into buildings. Mountains of fire, steel...

Towards Global Sunday Law


Towards Global Sunday Law Several thousand years ago, the king of Babylon decreed that his subjects must worship only in the way he saw fit. Three Hebrew Yisraelite men, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, chose to follow their consciences, standing up against the king and his edict. Thus began a standoff that remains famous even to this day (see Daniel 3). Unfortunately, we are seeing the same...

The Pope’s Church is the Largest, Richest Corporation in the World!


The Pope’s Church is the Largest, Richest Corporation in the World! by Don Boys  Pope Francis has often indicated his desire to help the poor and he often criticizes capitalism so it is only fitting that he sell off the church’s incredible assets at a massive yard sale. According to the The Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan, “The Vatican has billions of shares in the most powerful international...

The Catholic Church, the richest and most powerful corporation the world has ever known, will drop religion and deliver Total Dictatorship


The Catholic Church, the richest and most powerful corporation the world has ever known, will drop religion and deliver Total Dictatorship When PUSH comes to SHOVE, Rothschild is just a SMOM. (Sovereign Military Order Of Malta) They are used as a convenient cover, by the Vatican, which we know is controlled by the Jesuits, but the real controllers of the Vatican Finances are Opus Dei, which I...



WHAT IS A JEW? A Jew is a person who practice the religion of Judaism. Jew does not mean a descendant of Ancient Yisra’el. The Ancient Hebrews were not called Jews, that is a mistranslation, Jew is not a Hebrew Word, its English. Jew is a word that was created by Gentiles and given to the Yiaraelite Tribe of Yahudah (Judah).YAHUAH The Most High didn’t give His people the name Jew, this was done...

An Inconvenient History


An Inconvenient History Probably Alexandra The history and ideology of the occult societies that have been behind the events that have shaped our world and how they all stem from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I ask you to approach the information from a non-emotional point of view and understand that my goal is to share truth, not criticism.  Thank you for watching, and for your support...

SDA Church now preaching Pantheism?!


SDA Church now preaching Pantheism?! Published on Feb 18, 2016 You may not believe what Dwight Nelson says on a pulpit this time! And yes, this is the exact same Dwight Nelson that said Allah is God and the Koran is as holy and just as blessed as the Christian Bible. And he said that in a Seventh Day Adventist church on 3ABN Television no less! And now he says this on a pulpit? What’s...

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