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What Territory Belongs to Shem?


What Territory Belongs to Shem? Answers In Jubilees: Part 2 — Flood Series Part 3A God Culture In our 2nd installment of Answers in Jubilees, we are going to begin tackling the big one. The most ancient map of the world left by Noah, the true ancient of over 900 years of age who inherited the whole Earth and remains the only person who could map it as a matter of law.  We hear the likes of...



WE NEED TO BEGIN TO THINK LIKE HEBREWS NOT LIKE GREEKS. Greek vs Hebrew Thinking Greek Thinking: Feel, Think, Choose, Act. 1st Connivence me Emotionally. 2nd Prove it to my own logical Mind until I’m Satisfied. 3rd After I’m convinced to my own Satisfaction, then I will try doing something as long as it continues to feel OK/pay off for me. Hebrew Thinking: Belief/Faith, Choose, Act, Feel. 1st I...



YISRA’EL IS SET APART! We are NOT a Movement! We are a Calling Out! We are Not a Religion! We are His Elect who seek our YAH, who named us Yisra’el! We serve no gods nor call Him so, for our YAH is SET-APART! We are Yisra’el! SET APART unto YAHUAH through His Son YAHUSHA, who came in His Father’s Name, YAHUAH! We follow Him and His Commandments, and have chosen to become obedient to THIS MESSIAH...

14 Rare Mindsets That Set You Apart from the Crowd


14 Rare Mindsets That Set You Apart from the Crowd In today’s fast-paced world, standing out from the crowd isn’t just about what you do, but also about how you think. This video delves into 14 rare mindsets that can significantly differentiate you from the masses. These mindsets aren’t just about achieving success; they’re about reshaping the way you view yourself, your...

Elohim: The Meaning


Elohim: The Meaning The name Elohim: Summary Meaning Unclear, but probably Powers or Forces Etymology Unclear, but probably from a reference to the singular total of all natural forces; the observable effect of Logos. Related names • Via אל (‘el): See the ‘browse by form’ menu for a long list of ‘el-names. The name Elohim in the Scriptures Elohim is one of three Divine...

ANOTHER LESSON TO LEARN: If you been rejected by family!


ANOTHER LESSON TO LEARN: If you been rejected by family! 1 – Who killed Abel? His brother. 2 – Who sold Joseph? His brothers. 3 – Who expelled Jephthah? His brothers. 4 – Who was jealous of David? His brother. His Father in law. 5 – Who was not happy with the return of the Prodigal Son? His brother. Among so many examples in the Scriptures, we perceive that all those...



Published on Nov 11, 2017
United States of American President Donald Trump has signed an order that will see all Americans worship on Sunday failure to which you have to be arrested
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The Pope, Sunday Laws & Climate Change


The Pope, Sunday Laws & Climate Change (May 14, 2020)
We are closer to Sunday Laws than even the SDA people realize. I wonder if SDA president Ted Wislon will finally admit there ARE Sunday Laws in the pipeline?
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The Sunday Law Is Coming! 


The Sunday Law Is Coming! Is It Constitutional? Is It Scriptural? MANY CHURCH LEADERS and politicians are unified on the hotly debated issue of legislating Sunday as a day of rest. Today, great efforts are being made to gain influence in the executive and legislative circles of the United States federal government in order to enact laws for the observance of Sunday as a national day of rest. The...

The National Sunday Law


The National Sunday Law This is a warning against the coming national Sunday law which will affect your paycheck and put innocent people in jail. The issue already went to Congress as the “Blair Amendment,” and almost got passed. It’s coming back. What you are about to learn will shock you. The nation trembles. Passenger jets explode into buildings. Mountains of fire, steel...

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