Eucharist or Communion Has Nothing To Do With The Scriptures


Eucharist or Communion Has Nothing To Do With The Scriptures.

We are going to be using home schooling, Yisraelite style as a way to bring this Besorah (Good News) to the world through YAHUSHA.

YAHUSHA is the Living Torah. There is no mystery. It makes sense. Line upon line, precept upon precept.

The Lesson: Pagan Eucharist vs. 1 Corinthians 11

Communion, sacrament, transubstantiation or eucharist all mean the same thing. Eucharist definition given from Communion means to commune with spirits. Christian science…commune with god or the invoked one. One who is invoked=communion. Eucharist is a spiritual communion with god. It is done to Jesus’ instructions they say. From a pagan understanding they justify this.

In the Encyclopedia Britannica: They don’t understand 1 Corinthians 11, so they gave a pagan ritual called Eucharist. They have a different understanding about it. They say there are many different understandings but what does the Scripture say? The Scripture says there is one body, one belief, one immersing, one teaching. They are different because they are pagan. They claim to will and command Jesus to assume the form of the bread. Kayn ahk, they do Jesus that way. (They aren’t going to do that to YAHUSHA). Let’s go over the pagan aspects and see that they don’t line up (with the Scripture).

The word Eucharist may refer to bread (leavened or unleavened) water, wine (fermented or unfermented). They receive a host they say. Where Scripture says we do this to remember Jesus. The origins of Eucharist=symbolizes eating flesh.

Yasher 7:40-41 Nimrod was the first god-king. He became the sun-god or Baal. Semiramis said Tammuz was the reincarnation of Nimrod. She said Tammuz was born without the aid of a man. She had the Jezebel spirit. It’s all the trinity, black madonna, divine son mother, father. It’s masonic right triangles, the 3 godheads. All of that is pagan. Diana, Semiramis, Mary are all the queen of heaven.

Transubstantiation: Ra the sun-god of Egypt put a wafer in the people’s mouths. Jesus, sun-god, Mitra all the same god. They eat the gods flesh. They do the rites of Dionysus, the masons do this. Dionysus is Bacchus is Jesus. They are all the same. The Egyptians would eat of the god for spiritual strength. The Roman Catholics pray to Semiramis or Mary the queen of heaven. Jesus is the sun-god or Tammuz or lord god Nimrod of the Canaanites.

They believe the bread and wine changes into flesh and blood. They do the cross when the person takes the wafer…the cross, trinity a curse. Wafter=worshipping Jesus. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Babylonians, Nimrod all did the same. This is why YAHUAH confounded languages. They wanted to put their gods up there…satan.

Romans called it Lectisterna (sp?) a sacred means where a god was brought to the table with Jupiter, Minerva and Juno in the chairs. The Vatican calls Jupiter St. Peter. Jupiter is Jesus.

Documentary: A trip into the supernatural: Speaking of eating and dining with the gods, the Rothschild’s leave a seat at the table for satan.

The Romans had Lectisterna which they got from the Greeks called Theoxenia. By the third century they had this banquet for the 3 gods, Jupiter, Minerva and Juno celebrated on November 13 then moved the date to September 13. Theoxenia was celebrated in Delphi Greece and the gods attended. Book referenced: The Odyssey Book 7 line 198 they call down the gods. (My sidenote: The whole book mostly is about the gods and they sacrificed a lot to them and drank blood.)

Liber or Liberty is Dionysus or Bacchus. Book: The Error of Pagan Religions: chapter 6, they ate a bull with their teeth and this ceremony was done every 2 years. The god was eaten by doing this. They want to take on the spirit of the animal or drink their enemies blood. This has nothing to do with Scriptures. Movie ‘Alexander’, they sacrificed a bull. They didn’t show drinking its blood but you know they did.

The holy ghost in church: They call on those spirits. You are who you worship.

Book: the secret teachings of all the ages: Talks about the rites of Bacchus or Dionysus. Christians do this rite. Pages 68-69 read.

They ate flesh of their enemies or animals to take on their spirits. The Titans ate Bacchus. Pallas, a god or Phallus which they worshipped, Semiramis put a gold phallus on Nimrod. Osiris: Isis made a gold phallus for him because an alligator ate his up when he was cut up. Obelisks symbolize the phallus. It represents a man’s ascension as a god. Church steeples are phallic worship. It’s all the same god worship y’all.

Reads about Jupiter slewing the Titans. Out of the ashes, Bacchus the human race was created. This is what the fallen will say ‘we created you’. Zechariah Senchun the annunaki…the same lie told by many.

The Washington monument with George Washington becoming a god. The Rockefeller building or the NBC building has a statue of Prometheus the god of bringing fire down. The heart of Bacchus=Jesus with flaming heart. The eternal soul of Bacchus or mankind=heart of Bacchus. Communion=they drink, eat to their own destruction. We can’t worship YAHUAH in the name of god. We have one teaching which symbolizes eating bread and drinking wine.

Sex magic=phallic worship. Talmud…’Judaism discovery’ Book where they have a communion they say. We can’t have Jesus in our drinking and eating of the bread and wine. That’s where drinking to our own destruction means.

Around 687 BCE the Yisralites wrote the Talmud. In Yahzeqyl chapter 8, they had their backs turned on YAHUAH. They wrote the Talmud in Babylon then YAHUAH sent Yahzeqyl, Obadiyah to them. The Talmud was adopted by the Gentiles around the 12th to 15th century. The Renaissance was really just pagan customs and traditions (wide-spread).

We don’t follow Jewish customs. ‘Judaiasm Discovered” page 238-239 by Michael Hoffman. Zedict (sp?)=a high priest. They used ‘this fluid’ for sex magic. You know what fluid I’m talking about. The Zedict is like a channel it says drawing liquids downward. The kundalini is the opposite. The fluid goes up to the head chakra they say. They do tantrum sex in kundalini. All of this is from the same source…satan. The zedict is a classical magician, a cosmic magician that brings down divine power to perform miracles, it says. They use oral techniques, this is the invocation. They use the 72 names of god or the Tetragrammaton. whereas YAHUAH gave us YAHUAH. That’s it. The self existing One, YAHUAH.

Moving on…

The Catholic church teaches eucharist which becomes blood and body. The bread is called the host after a spell is put on it. Wine=blood of Calvary. The chalis= Judaism mysticism like pimp cups you see people drinking out of. The bread=Jesus body they say. The pope calls himself the vicar of Christ to summon Jesus whenever he wants.

‘Faith of Millions’ book by St. Thomas, a Catholic book: pages 268-269 The power of consecration, power of priest is over the pope, arch bishop, cardinal. The priest has power of christ it says. They molest a lot of children y’all. The priest has the authority of god it says. The priest brings Christ down from heaven it says. This is the supreme priest. See Jesus and god are the same in Christianity. Islam was created in the 700’s by Catholics. Jews justify sex with little children in the Sanhedrin.

They place Jesus on the altar to be a victim again and again. Then eat him. YAHUSHA only died for us once and we do NOT eat him. They want to be a god, dine with the gods. Satan gives the same tricks telling Eve she would be a god. They claim they have authority over the angels. Shaul said YAHUAH has ALL authority in 1 Corinthians 11:3. 5 percenters call themselves ‘god body’.

Satan wants to be greater than YAHUAH read Isaiah 14. They says the same thing that ‘their altar is greater than YAHUAH’. You are just as wicked if you say lord, god…they say that too. Their god they say is a victim, a punk. Like on the Southpark (TV show) Jesus was whipped by the devil in one episode. This is why they don’t fear YAHUAH. The priest brings Christ from heaven as a victim for sins of men dying 1000 times. YAHUSHA died ONCE!! Where do they get this from!!!!? Jesus bows his head to this priest, this Vicar of Christ, a man. How arrogant!!? YAHUSHA is NOT communion. YAHUSHA is NO PUNK!! Dionysus, Bacchus, Jesus are feminine. YAHUSHA came from DAVID! David THE WARRIOR! YAHUSHA is no punk!

Isaiah 29…you say you love YAHUAH but your hearts are far from Him.

John O’Brien book: Christian priest, pope with dignity comes this title it says. YAHUSHA said don’t have titles. We are brothers and sisters. Vicar of something means replacement. Vicar-witch.

It says they die again and again or sacrifice. YAHUSHA died once. The back-sliding attitude comes from Christians since they think they will be forgiven (every time). (YAHUAH says willful sinning will not be forgiven).

Jesus bows to the priest it reads.

The secret teachings of all ages: pages 276-77. Ceremonial magic and sorcery=invocations at church. Controlling the spirits. Magician=priest carries a wand or chalis (cup). He kisses a towel, then blesses the crackers, then calls Jesus down. Greeks, Romans, Babylonians all did this. Christian robes=same robes the pope wears. They also have cloths on the altar. Those ‘Adam family’ churches in Europe, scary and ice-cold even in the summertime. shhhoooo. The churches right here in the U.S. are scary! Riverside & St. John’s are super wicked! Riverside’s building was sponsored by John D. Rockefeller himself! Need I say more?

The tetragrammaton=trying to invoke these spirits. All we need is YAHUAH, the self-existing one. Worry about following the commandments.

These garments (robes they wear) and the invocations=summoning the gods. They still worship Nimrod. They worship their preacher. The pope has a picture of Nimrod on his shield. Yeah, faces on the robes but people stay blind. That’s why Christian bishops and pope wear the ‘dagon hat’. The pope had a picture of a huge snake of the back of his robe during the wedding ceremony of prince William and Kate.

Don’t do as the nations. They drink to their own destruction. They celebrate independence from YAHUAH every year (July 4). Satan promises them they will live forever as gods…fools. Magicians thinking they would be gods.

Moving on…

Lutherans–>believe Jesus comes into the bread, wine as the Catholics.

Methodists–> eucharist, every Sunday and some 1st Sunday’s they commune with the god of their church.

Jehovah Witnesses–> ‘commemorate’ they say but they don’t have the whole truth. Jehovah has nothing to do with Yah. Once a year they commemorate at Passover. YAHUSHA says whenever you think of me, you can do this. Can you tell me when is Passover? We are in captivity. This is really a masonic ritual they do. They do it once a year. Just like Manly P. Hall a 33 degree mason said, they all do this rite. Did y’all know ‘brews couldn’t be in Jehovah Witness back in the day? Don’t listen to these demons when they knock on your door. YAHUSHA told the demons to shut up. Shake the dust off your feet and keep it moving. They say one lord, one god but have different denominations. Do you see how double-minded that is?

The Church of Latter Day Saints–> Every Sunday they do communion. They wear sacred underwear. LOL in the room. Their communion is with the dead. They immerse dead with the living. They wear that underwear after marriage too. Mormos is the god of the dead.

Bread, wine used in Acts 20:7 as a set apart day the 1st day they say. We come together everyday. It makes no sense. YAHUAH said the Shabbat is the set apart day. They wash each others feet and open communion is done. Baptisms in Jesus first they say before you can do communion. The Scripture does not say that. You can remember YAHUSHA without being immersed first.

Evergreen tree=Nimrod. Did y’all know that? Let’s cut down this unholy tree! Let’s go to 1 Corinthians 10:1-22 with the righteous sword which is the Almighty YAHUSHA. Christians call Paul a saint who did away with the law. We are going to read about Shaul, the Hebrew who kept law not Paul.


1 Corinthians 10:1-22, v. 1-3 One teaching=same food. v. 1-2=water=immersing in same belief (sea). The one teaching symbolically has nothing to do with crackers, crosses or sacred underwear. Faith is the key. v. 4 Read. Let’s go to Luke to verify. The rock of salvation, spiritually they drank. Luke 4:1-4. The Exodus…the children of Yisrael were led to the wilderness just like YAHUSHA was led to the wilderness. Both by way of water. The children of Yisrael the sea of Reeds, YAHUSHA the Jordan in Luke 4. When we are immersed we are covered by blood of MASHIACH (Messiah). We will go through trials by fire. The children of Yisrael went through their trial 40 years in the wilderness. YAHUSHA’s trial was 40 days. He was hungry in Luke 4, the children of Yisrael were hungry in the wilderness. v. 4 YAHUSHA did not give in to the devil. Deuteronomy 8:1-3 referenced here. This is better than crackers, chalis’, underwear. This is the Scriptures!! We are free from that stuff. We don’t sacrifice to the altar of demons.

Deuteronomy 8:1-3 YAHUAH led us 40 years to test you. Stop blaming the devil every time. YAHUSHA was tried. Only Yahusha Ben Nun and Caleb succeeded. Don’t drink to your own death. v. 3 They were hungry. Trials, we will have. Live by the spiritual Word of YAHUAH. Prove yourself. The world hates YAHUSHA, they will hate you.

1 Corinthians 10:5 Read. Let’s go to Numbers.

Numbers 14:29 This verse validates verse 1 Corinthians 10:5. Shaul did not do away with the law. He read Torah. The children of Yisrael doubted YAHUAH, they talked about Moses and they wanted to go back to Egypt. You can’t bring spiritual Egypt to YAHUAH. Shaul taught law.

One Book.

1 Corinthian 10:6 Seek the kingdom. v. 7 Exodus 32:6 referenced here. The golden calf like the Mardi Gras in New Orleans=came from the Canaanites. v. 8-9 In the wilderness. Pagan sacrifice to altars they do now. The ways of the heathen. Don’t eat flesh, drink blood. v. 10-11 Don’t do as they did in the wilderness. Read Psalm 78. Don’t bring back the old ways. v. 12-13 YAHUSHA endured trials 40 days. They did NOT endure in the wilderness. Let us endure. Matthew 10:23 referenced.

Romans 5:1-5 Shaul was a law teacher. Moses sprinkled blood on the children of Yisrael. Now we have spiritual immersion. We commemorate that every time we come together to remember YAHUSHA and atonement of sin. v. 3 We rejoice, expect to be saved. This is shown every time we take bread, wine. v. 4 We will have tests. YAHUSHA was tried in the wilderness, Luke 4, the children of Yisrael were tried in the wilderness, Exodus.

Endurance gives us character. v. 5 Read. We are righteous vessels. Have belief (faith) when we go down in the water. The RUACH HA’QODESH is upon us when we come up.

1 Corinthians 10:14 Don’t worship images, gods. v. 15 Read. v. 16-17 Think as YAHUSHA thinks. This is what this is saying. One bread=one teaching on the spiritual. Body of MASHIACH =spiritually and physically bread=Word=Words of YAHUAH = YAHUSHA is the Word in the flesh. See John 1:14. Not that we are eating Him as they say. We are the law the walking Torah. Pray for those going into the idolatrous houses on Sunday. Pray they come back to YAHUAH. v. 18 We know Christian ceremonies came from paganism. But if you still fellowship with them…do you share the same wickedness? 2 can not walk together unless they agree.

We love YAHUAH by keeping His laws…no back-sliding….putting their Christ on the altar 1000 times. YAHUAH says He will not accept willful sinning. Don’t let sin reign over you. You die once to the flesh. Be ye perfect YAHUSHA said. Don’t do that sin anymore He told the adulterous woman. v. 19 Idols have no value. The bread=their idols.

Eucharist bread=a god that came down. Shaul is talking about eucharist Romans here. He knew about it. v. 20 Pagans offer to demons because they worship demons. v. 21 You can’t drink of YAHUSHA and the chalis cup of the pope, Muslims Mormons. You can’t have two masters. v. 22 Roman Catholics bring Christ down for a victim for sins of man 1000 X, Christ bows his head to the priest. Are you stronger than YAHUSHA? Do you think your walk is better than YAHUSHA? Do you think you are better than your brothers and sisters? Judge yourself to see if you are worthy.

1 Corinthians 11:1-30, v. 3 Doesn’t this make sense? Catholics say the priest is the head, god is eaten in a cracker. YAHUAH has FULL authority. YAHUSHA does not have full authority. Women can not be evangelists. The United States=lady liberty, Minerva, Semiramis, Diana.

Sojourner Truth said that women were created without a man. She had the Jezebel spirit. She said women were created without a head in the ‘aren’t I a woman’ speech. She even looked like a man.

v.13 Shaul told them about the gods. The Greeks were doing Theoxenia back then, putting the gods in the crackers. He told them about YAHUAH’s order. Constantine took the Dionysus rite too. v. 14 Shimshon (Samson) and Yahzeqyl had locks, Yahzeqyl chapter 8 (?). Shaul is saying here that men are not to be feminine. Don’t try to take the authority of YAHUAH as being a priest or preacher. Be a servant of YAHUAH. v. 15 Women are to be feminine, not BUTCH=manly spirit. v. 16 No contentious women in the assembly of YAHUAH. No homosexual men in the assembly of YAHUAH. v. 17-20 Read. Not the Master’s Supper but the Passover. This is to remember YAHUSHA. We will break bread with MASHIACH (MESSIAH) in the kingdom. v. 21 We are Not to eat to get full and drunk. This is remembrance of YAHUSHA’s life. He conquered death. We eat and believe. v. 22 Correct them it says here. Assemble to hear YAHUAH’s Word. Then do remembrance. Remembrance is separate from eating dinner. v. 23-26 Proclaim as you did during immersing. YAHUSHA sits on the right hand of the Father. Proclaim the Besorah (Good News) every time you drink this wine. v. 27-30 Because people don’t examine themselves, they struggle with sin…physical sickness comes.

They don’t repent—>lake of fire.

John 1:1-14, Psalm 119:142,151 The word is truth referenced here. Wisdom in Proverbs is referred to as a she. But it is not a goddess like philosophia. v. 6 Yahucanan the Immerser here. v. 7 This is YAHUSHA the light, the truth. v. 13 Not flesh. He lived for YAHUAH’s Word. v. 14 YAHUSHA was born a man and became the MASHIACH (Messiah) after death. Moses was an intercessor in the wilderness. YAHUSHA was not there. Pre-existence is the trinity doctrine. It does not add up. Wafter crackers don’t add up. The same wicked Nimrod Christmas tree doctrine.

Ephesians 4:1-7, v. 1 Walk worthy as a servant of YAHUAH. One body, one spirit, one Master, one belief, One YAHUAH, Father of all. There is no trinity…ONE YAHUAH. He Created all. YAHUAH is alone in authority.

The bread=symbol of the Word of YAHUAH; the physical bread is the lesson. Wine=blood is life in Leviticus. Life of YAHUSHA is a symbol. This is not god worship in a cracker.


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Gera'el Toma

A highly esteemed elder in the faith of the Natsarim, the first century believers in Messiah Yahusha, and a treasured member of the Remnant House Team.

Gera'el Toma (Gerald Thomas) is an internationally recognized and respected teacher of the Holy Scriptures as originally written in the Hebrew language.

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Gera'el Toma

A highly esteemed elder in the faith of the Natsarim, the first century believers in Messiah Yahusha, and a treasured member of the Remnant House Team.

Gera'el Toma (Gerald Thomas) is an internationally recognized and respected teacher of the Holy Scriptures as originally written in the Hebrew language.

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