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US Presidents are descendant from the British & French Royal

The books Burke’s Peerage & Baronetage and Burke’s Landed Gentry have, for 175 years, recorded the genealogies of the UK and Ireland’s titled and landed families. Often referred to as ‘the aristocracy bible’, these are without comparison as a genealogical reference to the influential figures and families of Great Britain and Ireland.

Burke’s publishing director, Harold Brooks-Baker says Bush’s royal connections are startling. “[Bush] is closely related to every European Monarch both on and off the throne,” says Brooks-Baker. Some of the governor’s royal kin include Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother, Duchess Sarah “Fergy” Ferguson and even the late Princess Diana. His most prominent ancestor may be England’s King Charles II, who shared the governor’s vision of a strong military. Going back nearly 1000 years, Brooks-Baker points out both the Bush and Pierce families [Barbara Bush’s maiden name is Pierce] were high society. “Not one member of his family was working class, middle class, or even middle, middle class,” he notes.

Gore’s family members weren’t exactly peasants. The vice president’s family tree includes Charlemagne and three Holy Roman emperors. And a good fight wouldn’t frighten the vice president’s most famous ancestor, England’s Edward I – best known today as the king who defeated, then executed Braveheart. Gore is running a bit behind Bush in the European royal count, his blood-line runs close to some American home-grown nobility, including Thomas Jefferson.

As for John Kerry, “the 60-year-old can trace his roots back to the first Massachusetts governor, John Winthrop, to every great family in Boston and to a host of royals in Europe. Kerry can almost certainly be traced back to King James I and to the bloodlines straight through the Windsor and Hanover families,” Brooks-Baker said. “But both candidates have a remarkable number of royal connections and both are related to Queen Elizabeth.”

What about Bill Cinton ? In an Associated Press article published in The Daily Oklahoman, October 28, 1996, Harold Brooks-Baker said: “Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe, but took his stepfather’s name as a teenager. Clinton’s ancestry can be traced back, on his mother’s side, to King Henry III who ruled England from 1227 to 1272. He is descended from King Robert I of France.

Furthermore, he is related to every Scottish monarch to the current British royal family. Clinton’s royal roots include several medieval monarchs and Simon de Montford, a statesman and soldier under King Henry III. Through de Montford, Clinton is related to every ancient aristocratic family in Britain today.”

In the same article, the journalist revealed that “Bill Clinton’s family goes back to William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison, making him related to Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. His kinship to Ford makes him ‘near kin’ to Richard Nixon and George Bush.”

Small world, isn’t it? And this seems to be a jealous guarded secret as over the past years, efforts to uncover Clinton’s personal history have been nigh unto impossible to confirm. The President had all records of his family history, school records, medical history, etc. sealed.

And if you think it’s just a probability game, then check your own genealogy and those of all the people you know. Do you have such great chance to be even far cousin with Bush, Nixon, Kerry, Clinton ?

Still think that the Democratic Revolution has changed the Aristocratic Governments ? Now think twice


Lynn Cheney, the wife of Dick Cheney, had discovered in research for an upcoming book, that her husband and Barack Obama are actually cousins!

Anyone can become President, huh?! Apparently ONLY if you are already related to a former or current President or Vice President …


by Kentroversy

Lynn Cheney, wife of Dick Cheney, while doing an interview with Houston, Texas talk radio station KTRH 740 AM — dropped quite a bombshell. While talking about her forthcoming book, she just happened to let it slip out that Barack Obama and her husband are eighth cousins!

The journalist with the Houston, TX USA radio station with whom she was speaking yelled out a surprised “What?!” at the revelation, as if she had never heard of the Presidents being related. And with the amount of energy these people spend hiding these facts from the general public — there is a great likelihood that she hasn’t heard of any of this before because of this program of concealment.

Lynn Cheney was quoted as saying:

“One of the things I discovered [in doing research for my forthcoming book] is that Dick and Barack Obama are eighth cousins. Isn’t that an amazing thing?! If you go back eight generations, they have a common ancestor.”

This common ancestor has been identified as Mareen Devall — a 17th century immigrant from France.

Of the 43 Presidents thus far, 34 of them have connections all the way back to Charlemagne (742-814), the most famous of all French monarchs. Even though America has been referred to as a melting-pot of immigration, this genetic diversity has NOT been fairly represented among White House occupants. There have been no Presidents other than wealthy aristocratic white men — no women, no minorities, and certainly no one from the working middle class. Thus, it must be said that America is governed ONLY by members of an oligarchic aristocracy. Bill Clinton was represented as a so-called ‘common man,’ however, his ties to the Rockefeller family have long been rumored, and he would have to possess that type of familial connection in order to have successfully commandeered the White House for two terms.

According to the Burke’s Peerage website, 26 of the first 42 Presidents are cousins to the seventh degree, at most. 28 of these men are cousins to the sixth or seventh degree at most. George Bush Sr. shares with Franklin Roosevelt, 15 cousins who were President. Gerald Ford and William Taft are related to 14, and Barbara Bush is a member of the Pierce family, and is herself related to Franklin Pierce, our 14th President.

36 of the first 42 Presidential families can be traced back to royalty from England, Scotland, or Wales. In both the 2000 and the 2004 Presidential elections, George W. Bush and both Al Gore and John Kerry are cousins. In addition to being related family members, Bush and Kerry are both members of Yale University’s Skull & Bones occult fraternity. The hidden danger of Skull & Bones is that the oath that is taken when one has been selected to join the cabal, supercedes all subsequent oaths, including the Presidential oath!

David Icke wrote the following in his book THE BIGGEST SECRET [pgs. 191-192]:

“At least 33 of the first 42 Presidents of the United States have been related to England’s King Alfred The Great (849-899) and Charlemagne (742-814), the famous monarch of France, and 19 Presidents are related to England’s King Edward III (1312-1377), who has a thousand blood connections to Prince Charles. George Bush and Barbara Bush are both from the same aristocratic line, among others I have noted. They come from the Pierce bloodline, which changed its’ name from Percy after fleeing England in the wake of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the English parliament. The Bushes married for genetics, as the Eastern Establishment families in the States have always done in line with their fellow royal and aristocratic blood relatives in Europe.

Even Bill Clinton and Bob Dole, who ‘opposed’ each other at the 1996 election, are distant cousins. They can trace their ancestry to England’s King Henry III, who reigned from 1227 to 1273, and US Presidents William Henry and Benjamin Harrison. This information comes from the publication, Burke’s Peerage, which traces the lineage of royal and aristocratic families. Clinton has far more royal blood than Dole and is directly descended from the same bloodline as the House of Windsor, every Scottish monarch, and King Robert I of France. This is why he was the Brotherhood’s choice.”

Harold Brooks-Baker, the late Publishing Director of Burke’s Peerage and Gentry said the following during the 2000 American Presidential campaign:

“The Presidential candidate with the greatest number of royal genes has always been the victor, without exception, since George Washington.”

Here is a chart that shows how 25 of our Presidents have all been related to one another:

There is this AmeriKan myth that anyone can become President of the United States. At least 34 of 43 Presidents come from the same family line, and the chart above traces 25 of them, whom all come from the same family tree. [click to enlarge the graphic.]

But, that’s not all! Obama is also related to the Bush family, as recently reported by the Chicago Sun-Times:

“That’s because they share the same great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents — Samuel Hinckley and Sarah Soole Hinckley of 17th century Massachusetts. That means Obama and former President George Herbert Walker Bush are 10th cousins once removed. Obama is related to Cheney through Mareen Duvall, a 17th century immigrant from France.

Mareen and Susannah Duvall were Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents and Cheney’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents.

That makes Obama and Cheney ninth cousins once removed.

Cheney and Bush are related to one another by a completely different common ancestor.”

NOTE: I would like to comment upon those who try to say that these are distant relationships. Of course they are, because we are talking about the 17th century here. The thing to keep in mind here, is that ALL our Presidents are members of an aristocratic oligarchy that has run this nation since day one — and continue to do so to this very day.

So, anyone can become President?!

Or, are we merely choosing between two predetermined selections — on the RIGHT and on the LEFT — when in fact they are merely two arms on the same monster?!

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A highly esteemed elder in the faith of the Natsarim, the first century believers in Messiah Yahusha, and a treasured member of the Remnant House Team.

Gera'el Toma (Gerald Thomas) is an internationally recognized and respected teacher of the Holy Scriptures as originally written in the Hebrew language.

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By Gera'el Toma

Gera'el Toma

A highly esteemed elder in the faith of the Natsarim, the first century believers in Messiah Yahusha, and a treasured member of the Remnant House Team.

Gera'el Toma (Gerald Thomas) is an internationally recognized and respected teacher of the Holy Scriptures as originally written in the Hebrew language.

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